Tax Return Penalty: What To Do?

As you are probably aware if you have not filed your self assessment tax return or paid your tax late then unfortunately you may be liable to a tax return penalty.

If you feel that you have a valid reason for submitting your tax return late then you can speak to HMRC and they will issue you an information pack, as and when you let them know that you wish to appeal the decision.

If you are one of our current clients then we will be able to do that on your behalf as we are your registered agent and can act on your behalf with HMRC. This is also part of the all inclusive service we offer.

You have until the 31st March to lodge an appeal against late submission for the previous tax year and will need to justify the grounds of appeal in written form. Some instances may be because you made a mistake on your return or have a reasonable excuse or you feel you did send your return in on time. You can obtain forms directly from HMRC online to appeal against your tax return penalty.