If you've fallen behind...don't worry!

Previous Year Tracking

We understand some sub contractors do fall behind with their Self Assessment Returns and a key service we offer to all clients is that of tracking and tracing. With the information you provide of previous engagements and employments, we will endeavor to obtain details of your earnings and tax paid to enable preparation of outstanding Self Assessment Returns.

Tracking involves us contacting your engagers, whether they be agencies, construction companies or employers. We need you to give us details of these; however, we are happy to contact them on your behalf. CIS companies have an obligation to provide this information. Although employers are under no obligation to provide duplicate P45s / P60s, we find they are usually happy to provide the necessary information in letter form.

We can apply to HMRC for details of captured data that they hold on you, but we must point out there is a reluctance from some HMRC offices that are following the new guidelines to provide this information.

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