What clients are saying

At Norton Bridges CIS Accountants, we love to receive feedback from our clients on how we have helped them with their tax returns. Read a selection of the feedback we have received.

James, Bricklayer, London

“I have been with Norton Bridges now since 2009 when I registered for CIS. I was new to the whole process and they were able to get me on the way. Living local to them is a plus for me too as I just head up to the office with my income details for the year and my receipts and wait to hear back from them. This year the process took 2 weeks from start to finish.”

Karl, Construction Worker, London

“Norton Bridges made the process easy for me. I am the typical subbie, hate forms and lose payslips. They were able to track down the companies I worked for in the year which I gave to them, whilst sending me regular emails to keep me updated. A few weeks later I received my Self Assessment Tax Return to sign and return.”

Graham, Construction Worker, Surrey

“I was 4 years behind with my Self Assessment Tax Returns before approaching Norton Bridges to deal with my affairs. I was receiving correspondent from the Revenue saying that I owed them money for not submitting previous years returns. It turned out that they actually owed me money which I was able to obtain back from the Revenue. I received 3 years worth in one go as Norton Bridges didn’t have the correct information for the 2011 tax year, so I had to wait an extra month for that one to arrive. Not only was I happy about receiving a few thousand back, I now have the tax man of my back.”

Kevin Conboy

“I have used this accountants for a number of years now, I’ve always found them very efficient and quick getting the accounts done. Although my situation has changed in the last few years I would recommend this company to anyone needing an accountant. Friendly staff and very reasonable fees.”